Who I treat

OMpowerment Psychotherapy is for people who want to improve their quality of life without feeling judged, confined, or overly-structured. Clients who work with me often want a roadmap to making positive changes in their life, but also want to feel like they are in the driver’s seat.

My approach is perfect for people attracted to holistic practices and who sometimes feel as-if their needs aren’t fully met by traditional approaches to healing – people who want some help getting their lives together but who ultimately value independence, strong-values, and are passionate about their opinions. I am particularly well-suited for those attracted to spiritual practices or who take pride in occasionally “going against the grain,” and who need a psychotherapist who can appreciate this desire.

People who choose OMpowerment Psychotherapy come to me with a variety of challenges but ultimately have one common goal: to make a positive change in their life. For some, this means ending a cycle of unhealthy relationships, learning to manage their emotions more effectively, or abstaining from self-destructive behaviors like binge-eating, reckless spending, angry outbursts at loved ones, or abusing drugs or alcohol.

Clients of OMpowerment Psychotherapy are motivated. They KNOW they want to make a change but sometimes feel confused or overwhelmed about how to do so, and are looking for someone who can help them navigate this process.