“Thank for helping me sort through this new journey of my life. You are so good at helping me reach into my head and heart, and to continue to appreciate my new life.”

  • client with anxiety and alcohol use concerns

“Dear Ms. Blinow, thank you so much for teaching me how to get really calm and how to focus on my life and not being distracted by other people. You took me to a place I didn’t know existed . . . You really did inspire me to be a better scholar and to just be myself.”

  • elementary school student who wanted to learn relaxation and yoga skills for stress management

“I am so happy to have had you in my life. There are lots of things I tell you that I don’t talk about with friends & family. Continue to be who you are, because you do make a difference.”

  • client with pattern of self-sabotaging behaviors

“Nikolai, I believe you are a legendary therapist in the making! It has been wonderful working with you. You have taught me a lot.”

  • former colleague and referral source in the mental health community